Boat maintenance and storage

AMSOIL discusses boat maintenance and storage

During this time of year you should be getting your boat out of winter storage and enjoying the weather but thinking ahead about winterizing your boat is a smart thing to do. The most important tip we can give you is to make sure that you add AMSOIL fuel stabilizer on your last trip out […]

Snowblower maintenance and storage

AMSOIL discusses snowblower maintenance and storage

The winter season is over and it’s time to put away all of your snow removal gear but storing a snow blower isn’t as simple as just putting it in a shed or storage unit.  To make sure your snowblower starts up next year you’ll want to stabilize the fuel, change the oil, and probably […]

Torque converter heat

AMSOIL discusses torque converter heat in extreme conditions

In this video AMSOIL takes a look at the aftermath of an on-track fire caused by extreme heat in a torque converter.  Scott Douglas, AMSOIL sponsored off-road truck racer, decided to push and try to win a race while his heat gauge was pegged and a minor mechanical failure cost him the race. Why would […]